Panoramic Bindery Equipment Now Available from Mohawk

Photobooks continue to be an expanding market, and Panoramic binding offers printers a way to grow that segment of their business.


Now you can get the bindery equipment you need to produce Panoramic lay-flat books through authorized Mohawk paper merchants nationwide.


“With Mohawk Panoramic papers and this bindery equipment there’s no more gutter. Images flow seamlessly across the fold, creating high-impact brochures, elegant proposals, and dramatic photo albums—all with no concern about crossovers, color matches, or missing parts,” says Chris Harrold, vice president of business development, digital papers.


These three simple units are a turnkey bindery solution, allowing printers and photographers to quickly, and cost-effectively, get into making lay-flat casebound books. (See details below)


RT1 Roller Tacker: A multipurpose unit that reinforces the folded crease, creates a properly aligned book block, and aids in applying the case to the book block. When passing the folded sheet between the set of rollers, a crisp spine edge is created. The built-in tacker component allows the user to build a book block and, upon completion of the book block, a case can be applied with the use of a second set of jigs.


BP1 Book Press

A multipurpose sealing unit. Pressure created between the platens not only seals the book block leaves, but also creates a final pressure seal for joining the book block to the cover.


CC1 Cover Crimper

This unit joins the cover of the book to the book block by crimping it along the sides of the cover next to the spine. The unit operates manually without air or electricity.000


For more detailed specifications and pricing, contact your local Mohawk merchant, visit, or call 800 the mill.