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Business Ink Adds Canon imagePRESS C7000VP Digital Color System to Pursue New Color Opportunities in Compliance Output

Océ has announced that Austin-based Business Ink has added a Canon imagePRESS C7000VP color system, the first such installation in an existing Océ account in the western United States.

As a business process “plug in,” Business Ink focuses on compliance document production for target markets that include healthcare verticals and over 2,000 state and local governments. With clients in over twenty-seven states, Business Ink has facilities to manage and distribute information virtually across the United States.

Using innovative technology, Business Ink manages sensitive, regulated and high-value data across a range of business segments. That data then becomes essential content distributed to clients via mail, email, online postings, digital media, and more. Business Ink has a unique services delivery model based on multi-channel information distribution for government and private sector customers.

New Opportunity Leads to Digital Color

“Printing is the core manufacturing component of our business, and opportunities in the color space led us to invest in color print solutions,” explained Business Ink Executive Vice President Jim Goodwin. “This is our first real opportunity to serve a customer need and expand in the color market in a way that will be relevant to our solution now and going forward.”

“After an in-depth review of all the options, what led us to the imagePRESS C7000VP system was that Océ is already an important part of our print output workflow, from handing off files to the Océ PRISMA server, to outputting documents, to recording and monitoring the accuracy and the completeness of our print production cycles. We know Océ will work diligently to help us to meet our clients’ needs and demands,” said Goodwin.

The Collaborative Culture of Océ

“Our relationship with Océ goes back to 2004, and our print engines are all Océ, as are some of our design tools and document management tools. What makes Océ different is the collaborative culture and the desire to partner with customers and their production facilities. Their problem resolution skills and willingness to meet clients’ expectations are outstanding. The reliability of our processes and equipment are critical to our success. Serious problems result if we’re not on time, if we have errors in the content, or if we don’t correctly produce and mail 100 percent of the documents or records in a file,” Goodwin said.

He added, “I like their willingness to help Business Ink develop solutions and push the equipment and software in directions that they may not have expected originally. Through the partnership, we’ve been able to do some unique things with not only their DDA software and Océ PRISMA products, but also with their printing equipment.”

Full Integration with Océ PRISMA Workflow

“The imagePRESS C7000VP color print engine has exceeded our expectations. Although the system was a new purchase, we already had the technical infrastructure and design capability to move information either to color variable or black and white variable very effectively. Océ PRISMA software has been a great workflow tool,” noted Goodwin. “We push it to its limits and have found it to be robust and flexible.” Canon imagePRESS systems integrate with Océ PRISMA software, so companies like Business Ink can streamline workflow to produce jobs quickly and efficiently.

“Compliance is mandatory in many industries, and Business Ink has a tremendous responsibility to their clients. Now with these new digital color capabilities – and uncomplicated integration into their existing workflow – Business Ink can quickly and confidently take compliance-related output to the next level. It’s a great example of how the combination of Canon’s advanced digital color technology and world-class Océ expertise, service and support help customers explore new opportunities,” said Eric de Goeijen, Vice President, Product Marketing, Océ North America, Production Printing Systems.

About Business Ink: A Unique Wrapper

“What makes us unique is the ‘wrapper’ of services we have built to make compliance programs successful,” Goodwin explained. Business Ink packages the functions of data and image management, compliance, output and production, so clients don’t have to assemble, integrate and manage these complex tasks themselves.

Business Ink specializes in complex, data-driven deliverables such as:

  • Statements and forms that meet HIPAA requirements, patient or client confidentiality parameters, and strict mailing standards
  • Customized-content letters and information packets
  • Financial services and utility statements with personalized transpromo information