Presstek, Inc.

Presstek and Heinrich Baumann Grafisches Zentrum GmbH & Co. KG sign service agreement

Presstek Germany, a leading provider of digital offset printing solutions for the printing and communications industry, has ensured its customers have the best support service possible by entering into a service agreement with Heinrich Baumann Grafisches Zentrum GmbH & Co. KG. The deal will see the Frankfurt-based specialist trade partner supply spare parts and significantly extend its range of services and support for Presstek DI customers. Heinrich Baumann's geographical proximity, and its ability to quickly dispatch specially trained service technicians to remedy faults, will help Presstek DI customers minimise downtime and production losses.

"Only a service that offers all-round support can guarantee customer satisfaction," says Mathias Projahn, service manager at Heinrich Baumann. "With our services, we can monitor and maintain our customers' production facilities throughout their entire life cycle."

By holding Presstek-recommended stock, Heinrich Baumann will always have the necessary mechanical and electronic components for digital offset printing machines that may be required in an emergency, enabling it to provide immediate assistance. The specially trained Presstek service technicians can respond to any queries that arise. A team of service technicians support the service department at Heinrich Baumann, and more electricians and engineers will be trained in the near future at Presstek Europe in London.

Heinrich Baumann is planning to extend its range of Presstek services by offering service programs and maintenance contracts from the beginning of 2012. For example, preventative maintenance can be undertaken using its in-house developed thermal camera system to identify temperature increases and ensure even faster fault detection on mechanical and electrical parts.