Virtual Systems

St. Louis Presort Makes Good on New Year’s Resolution with Virtual Systems’ Digi-Shop Software

Jeromy Fritz, President of St. Louis Presort made a new year’s resolution to prepare his business for growth and to provide unparalleled service to his clients. Today Fritz announced the installation of its newest business management software platform, Virtual Systems’ Digi-Shop software, designed for managing direct mail operations. Created by Bellevue Washington based Virtual Systems, Digi-Shop is an integrated system for estimating, job tracking, postage accounting, and streamlined customer billing. Digi-Shop allows companies to have immediate access to their client and job information resulting in better customer service and higher profits. While many direct mail operations are restricting capital purchases, St. Louis Presort sees an opportunity to increase efficiencies by installing Virtual Systems’ Digi-Shop business management software.


Frtiz said, “As a long-term user of another well-known management program, we were naturally hesitant about changing over to a whole new program during these trying times. However, our experience with Virtual Systems’ salespeople and implementation support staff has left us with nothing but positive things to say. As we were installing Mail-Shop I actually made the comment to one of my staff; ‘It’s almost like VS programmers worked in our shop’. The ease of Digi-Shop is a true relief after many years of struggling with our former program. Even though Digi-Shop, as-is, seems like it will cover all of our current needs, we feel very comfortable that VS has the desire and expertise to assist us as we continue to expand our business as a marketing service provider.”


Chris Huber, President of Virtual Systems, stated, “The team at St. Louis Presort is great to work with and also a strong fit for the software. Our team is excited be partnering with their staff in taking their operational efficiency to the next level. I’ve seen migrations like these cause profound improvement in organizations. With the purchase of Digi-Shop, St. Louis Presort demonstrates their commitment to offer their clients the highest standards of project management and service quality. We view this engagement as a long-term partnership and we are very excited about this opportunity to grow with our client.”