CIP4 Announces Appointment of Patrick Bolan to Board

The International Cooperation for the Integration of the Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress (CIP4) organization announced the appointment of Patrick Bolan, Avanti Computer Systems President and CEO, to the CIP4 Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is CIP4's governing body, and Bolan is a representative of the "full" level class of membership which is comprised mostly of systems and software vendors.

"Avanti has been very active in CIP4, JDF and print automation educational programs in the US and Canada," said CIP4 executive director, Jim Harvey. "Patrick has personally participated in many programs and shared valuable ideas. I know that Patrick will be a great addition to CIP4's leadership."

As president and CEO of Avanti Computer Systems, Patrick Bolan is responsible for driving the company's corporate strategy and business development. With the goal of establishing Avanti as a leading provider of Print MIS solutions, Mr. Bolan has sharpened Avanti's strategic focus and concentrated its R&D investments in three areas: web-to-print, business intelligence and JDF as the integration framework to support the next generation print shop.

Mr. Bolan was named among the Top 50 most influential people in printing by PrintAction Magazine in 2007. He has also been appointed to the Advisory Council of the Graphic Communications Management Program at Ryerson University, as well as Xerox Corporation's Business Partner Advisory Board.

"I want to help CIP4 increase awareness and acceptance of the JDF standard," said Bolan. "It will take our collective efforts to show print shop owners the immediate ROI that automation in general, and JDF in particular, can offer to increase profitability and competitiveness in today's marketplace. The ROI is there, and CIP4 has the data to back it up. The benefits of increased productivity, labor cost savings, and faster turnaround times are of the utmost importance to printers everywhere."