Lyra Research, Inc.

Lyra Launches Managed Print Advisory Service

Lyra Research has launched its new Managed Print Advisory Service (MPAS). The new service, which is part of Lyra's Managed Document Practice (MDP), analyzes the active migration away from the traditional imaging hardware and cost-per-page purchasing model toward a more robust and efficient managed print services (MPS) distribution model. It examines how the aggregation of imaging devices and supplies as well as service revenue under MPS agreements are shrinking the point of customer contact and quietly consolidating the overall distribution channel.

"Imaging in the office is undergoing a significant consolidation and vendors are becoming increasingly competitive," said Frank Stefansson, CEO and executive vice president of Lyra Research. "The traditional business model is being pushed aside and the MPS distribution model is becoming the main focus. With these considerable changes taking place, Lyra realized the need for a new service devoted to MPS to help our clients create a strategic approach to MPS that will positively impact their business."

Headed by Joel Mazza, director of Lyra's Managed Document Practice, the MPAS provides effective, data-driven market insight and intelligence to help major office equipment manufacturers, distributors, and retailers create an actionable MPS business plan to maximize growth opportunities amid this period of consolidation and to avoid unnecessary business risks.

Specifically, the service includes the following:

  • tools for sizing the MPS segment of the North American office imaging market;
  • clear and transparent definitions of what and why specific revenue categories are counted in the MPS segment;
  • analysis of the key technology and service providers and other significant market players; and
  • primary research identifying demand trends and other market drivers.

"We saw a real need in the market for an MPS service that brings together objective, real-world data with a detailed forecast model to provide greater clarity about the dynamics behind the movement toward a managed-print form of distribution and service with respect to print output," said Joel Mazza, director of Lyra's Managed Document Practice. "This, coupled with the ability of our analyst team to provide accurate and reliable insight, makes Lyra the right choice for OEMs, distributors, and retailers that are trying to maximize their share of the office imaging market and avoid mistakes."