Logotech Earns L.I.F.E. Environmental Certification

Logotech Inc., a label converter based in Fairfield, NJ, has earned the Label Initiative for the Environment (L.I.F.E.) certification from the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute. Fewer than a dozen label companies nationwide have earned the certification, which requires a review of 35 criteria ranging from clean production techniques to greenhouse gas emissions to management practices.

"Earning L.I.F.E. certification is a great honor for us, and a wonderful reflection on our team's commitment to environmental sustainability," said Leslie Gurland, president of Logotech. The L.I.F.E. announcement complements Logotech's ISO 14001 environmental certification.

"The central objective in developing the L.I.F.E. initiative was to offer the association's members a credible and comprehensive program that addresses their sustainability requirements, and the opportunity to take their L.I.F.E. certification to their own customer base to further demonstrate their commitment to the environment, and to the greater industry," said TLMI president Frank Sablone. "I applaud our certified members for their efforts and dedication."

Gurland said Logotech constantly worked with suppliers to test and fine-tune environmentally preferable materials. But the L.I.F.E. program reflects a much deeper, daily commitment to sustainability, she noted.

Logotech tracks its carbon footprint and makes year-to-year comparisons to ensure it is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, said Gurland. Over the past few years, the company instituted a comprehensive recycling program and replaced plastic packaging with post-consumer recycled paper.

Logotech also reduced material usage by "lightweighting" tens of thousands of feet of label liner, using thinner material. Make-ready runs on the press utilize out-of-condition material to avoid wasting new stock, and container disposal dropped dramatically when the company began buying supplies such as ink and cleansers in greater quantities to make more use of larger, recyclable barrels.

Though production tends to draw the most attention in discussions about sustainability. Logotech personnel are the critical link in the chain, said Gurland.

"We continually improve our environmental sustainability because every member of the team is committed to the concept, and does their share to be more efficient and more dedicated to conserving our resources," she said. "But sustainability also includes creating a safe, comfortable workplace where people can excel and thrive."

The company's current green initiative is helping customers understand sustainability in the label business.

"We're educating clients by helping them take a very realistic look at what their objectives are, what existing technologies and materials can do, and how we can create labels that meet their brands' needs while staying compatible with their environmental values," Gurland said. "We're helping customers make really sound decisions. That's our commitment."