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Screen (USA) and Software Engineer STCA Announce Merger

Digital printing and prepress solutions provider Screen (USA), a subsidiary of Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., announced its merger with S. Ten Nines California, LLC (STCA), a sister company that engineers software used to drive Screen printing and prepress equipment. Under the merger, STCA is now a department of Screen (USA). Its staff and offices will remain at the current location in Irvine, Calif.

Established as Dainippon Screen Engineering of America in 1984, STCA develops and provides training and technical support for workflow software, raster image processor systems, Internet portals and database-related applications. These software packages are sold through Screen’s distribution channels.

Merging the two Dainippon Screen subsidiaries under the Screen (USA) banner will not alter STCA’s product offerings and distribution arrangements, according to Mike Fox, president of Screen (USA).

“From a day-to-day business standpoint, there should be little or no change in how Screen (USA) and STCA function together,” Fox said. “All employees will remain in their current positions and locations with the same responsibilities.”

The merger will solidify the companies’ position in the graphics arts industry, Fox added.

“Ten Nines is a term used in the semiconductor and other industries to express accuracy,” Fox noted. “STCA has targeted increased technological competitive power and improvement in the level of customer satisfaction as top priorities. This is an exciting time and a great opportunity for STCA to seek additional ways of creating revenue and profit for our combined companies. I believe this will be a unique and positive development for Screen in the Americas.”