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InteliCoat Partners with Sentec International

InteliCoat Technologies has entered in to a partnership agreement with Sentec International BV and its affiliate Plottec GmbH. Sentec is a well-recognized key distributor for large format media in the EMEA area and Plottec is a high volume and modern equipped converting company. This partnership agreement is part of an increased effort to provide faster response times and improved efficiency to InteliCoat's valued European, Middle East and African customer base.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, effective immediately, InteliCoat will change the supply route for the EMEA area. InteliCoat will continue to manufacture master roll inventory, which will be stocked locally and converted by Plottec GmbH. Sentec International will distribute the finished good rolls on behalf of InteliCoat Technologies. These changes will result in greater availability of InteliCoat products to European markets, shorter lead times, and significantly improved service levels.

"We want to emphasize that under this new arrangement, the products that our customers receive will be the same InteliCoat-made products that they know and love and that they will continue to work directly with InteliCoat sales and support personnel, who have been transferred to Sentec. As a result of the new arrangement, InteliCoat sales and support personnel will now be even better able to serve customers out of a world class customer service center combined with Sentec International," said Joseph Lupone, president and CEO of InteliCoat Technologies. "This is truly a positive change for our European users, as the quality, support and stability of InteliCoat will now be further enhanced by Sentec, which has a long history of outstanding work."