PODi, Digital Printing Initiative

New PODi Technology Webinar Series: Managing Your Customers' Data

PODi, the Digital Printing Initiative, is proud to announce a series of educational webinars for service providers who want to effectively manage their customer data to boost results and ROI. Presented by one of the industry's top authorities on variable data digital printing, Dr. John Leininger from Clemson University's Graphic Communications Department, this is a unique opportunity for marketing service providers to increase their knowledge of the latest data management techniques and strategies.

"Your customer's direct marketing results are only as good as their list. Managing and optimizing their database is an extremely valuable service to them, and doing it efficiently is a profitable opportunity for service providers," explained Dr. Leininger. "This series of webinars will help attendees learn how to clean, personalize, and enhance data to reduce waste and increase targeting power. We'll go from VDP basics to sophisticated strategies, like predictive analytics – wouldn't your clients like to know which prospects are most likely to buy? Series participants will get a detailed understanding of the many tools they can use to harness the power of data to drive better results with variable data digital printing and relevant direct marketing campaigns."

Schedule and topic descriptions:

  • Introduction to Database Logistics – April 28 The how's and why's of managing databases for the customer. This first session will cover the basics of data management, and explain the importance it plays in variable digital printing and in the success of a relevant direct marketing campaign.
  • Cleaning up Your Customer's Postal Data – May 26 Tips and tools for fixing bad addresses, and the difference it can make to your client's bottom line.
  • Personalizing the Customer's Database – June 23 Learn why understanding, analyzing, and appending data using database scripts and calculations could deliver huge ROI for your customer & for yourself.
  • Creatively Enhancing Your Data with Relational Databases – July 21 Leave the competition and commodity printing behind by mastering personalization on a new level and measuring results. Tools, tips, techniques.
  • Predictive Analysis – August 18 Who will purchase goods or services next week, next month, next year? Get the big picture – learn what's possible with analytics, plus tried and true techniques.
  • This series is designed for IT and production managers and specialists, developers, data analysts, and anyone tasked with understanding and delivering data management services.

    "This is a unique opportunity to hear from one of the foremost educators in the graphics industry on a subject often given short shrift," said PODi general manager David Erlandson. "The importance of the list in the success of any campaign can't be overstated. Smart data management can substantially increase response and ROI for marketers, and this is a great way for service providers to learn best practices."

    The introductory webinar "Introduction to Database Logistics" will be open at no charge to the entire digital printing community.