Printing Industries of America (PIA)

Quick, Downloadable, Affordable Microlessons from Printing Industries of America

Printing Industries of America is proud to announce a new product line for today's busy printing professional: MicroLessons. These modules are concise, practical, low-cost, and filled with information on key technology, business, and marketing trends. MicroLessons are available for download at the Printing Industries of America store for as little as $5 and $10.

The MicroLessons line fills the needs of those that want more information that gets to the point quickly. MicroLessons are developed by extracting key information from Printing Industries of America’s current library of publications and presentations. These condensed lessons establish the solid foundation needed to tackle a variety of pertinent industry issues. The MicroLessons available now include:

  • 8 Tips for Change: Management Lessons from Economic Downturns
  • Common Web Press Procedures: A Quick-Reference Guide
  • Grapevine 2.0: Monitor and Protect Your Brand Online
  • LinkedIn 101: Get the Most Out of Your Network
  • Sales & Customer Service in a Customer-Driven Landscape
  • Troubleshooting Ink Problems on Your Press [Versions available for Offset Litho, Flexo, Gravure, and Screen Printing]
  • Web Pressroom Safety: A Quick Reference Guide
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