Flesh Co.

The Flesh Company Holds Fifth TPM Kaizen Event

In 2008 Appleton Papers invited The Flesh Company to participate in a TPM (Total Productive Manufacturing) on rewinder 45 at the mill. The Flesh Company returned the favor by inviting Appleton Papers to participate on a TPM Kaizen on press 400. The shared experiences solidified the true meaning of supplier partnership within the industry. In a TPM Kaizen event the purpose is to reduce the losses associated with machine downtime by clean to inspect, inspect to detect, detect to correct and correct to perfect. The E.I.T. (equipment improvement team) evaluates the overall equipment effectiveness and addresses the six big losses of equipment failure, setup adjustment, minor stoppages, reduced run speeds, defects and reduced yield. Many Kaizen events have taken place in the last three years with the most recent event targeting a Hamilton collator in the Parsons, KS facility.

“The process takes three to five days utilizing E.I.T. of eight to ten employees who volunteer for the event” according to Jonathan Norris, Assistant Production Manager.  During that time each volunteer’s entire shift time is dedicated to the Kaizen project. “We begin each event by building a foundation for Lean Manufacturing with hours of classroom training on Waste, Flow, Value Stream Mapping says Norris. The team reviews the time studies and establishes new goals to reduce the downtime and create basic equipment care route for the machine. Continuous improvement is a natural mindset for The Flesh Company as we migrate into a Visual Workplace enhancing Safety, Quality, Standard Operating Procedures and Best Practices.

At the end of each event there is a final half day summary and reporting meeting to gauge the results of the project and celebrate completion.  The Flesh Company is dedicated to providing superior customer support and quality products.  Continual improvement events insure manufacturing divisions operate with quality equipment.  Photographs taken during the event can be seen on the company Facebook page.