Xplor International

Xplor Names EDP, M-EDP and EDA Class of 2010

Xplor International, the worldwide electronic document systems association, today announced its EDP (Electronic Document Professional), M-EDP (Master Electronic Document Professionals) and EDA (Electronic Document Associate) class of 2010. A total of 49 recipients were inducted into the program during an award ceremony at Xplor’s 31st annual Conference and Vendor Forum, April 5-7, 2011 in Tampa Bay, Florida.

“The EDP program, which now contains both M-EDP and EDA designations, allows individuals to differentiate themselves and certification brings recognition, career enhancements and personal satisfactions,” said Skip Henk, EDP, President and CEO of Xplor International. “EDP’s are viewed as experts for effective and consistent communication document technologies and leaders in information management within their organizations and the industry at large.”

The EDP designation has been an industry symbol for professional proficiency, experience and commitment since its inception over 20 years ago. EDP professionals promote and enhance the industry through continuing individual education, knowledge sharing and mentoring of others in the certification process. To date, over 500 EDPs have been certified worldwide, with numbers increasing ever year.

In 2009, two new levels of certification were introduced to offer an entry level for those individuals starting out in the industry and Master-EDP for current EDP professionals who have demonstrated expertise in specific areas of the electronic document industry. The two individuals who are part of the 2010 Master EDP class have demonstrated significant expertise within the Electronic Document indust10. The Electronic Document Associate is designed for entry-level individuals who have less than 5 years of industry experience. Both programs, initiated at the end of 2009, were met with significant enthusiasm in 2010.

Xplor and the EDP Commission congratulate the following Class of 2010:

Electronic Document Professionals
Bas de Witte, EDP Hewlett Packard Nederland BV
Darin Hochwender, EDP First Data
Pierre Kraakman, EDP UVIT
Peter Kruijt, EDP Daliem Multiple Media Marketing Consultancy
Matt Riley, EDP HP Exstream
Julie Trezek, EDP HSBC Technology & Services

Master Electronic Document Professionals
Pat C. McGrew, M-EDP Kodak Inc
Carrie T. Murphy, M-EDP InfoPrint Solutions Company

Electronic Document Associates
Anke Adams, EDA Canada Post Corporation
Nazar Ahmed, EDA INTRIA Items Inc
Brian Arbour, EDA The DATA Group of Companies
Matthew Arnott, EDA INTRIA Items Inc
Trevor Boytinick, EDA Insurance Corporation of BC
Alex Brown, EDA Lloyds Banking Group
Tom G Brown, EDA Canada Post Corporation
David Brownhill, EDA Citigroup
Christine Burnett, EDA The Data Group of Companies
Pierre Charette, EDA INTRIA Items Inc
Edvard Dreskai, EDA Insurance Company of BC
Wade Dyches, EDA Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance
Rene Felder, EDA Baumer AG Switzerland
Robert Foulds, EDA Canada Post Corporation
Arnie Gainsbrook, EDA Canada Post Corporation
Michelle Griffey, EDA Lloyds Banking Group
Mark Harden, EDA Insurance Company of BC
Chad Henk, EDA Xplor International
Susan Hennessy, EDA Ministry of Finance – Ontario
Sam Ibrahim, EDA Citigroup
Janelle Lorraine, EDA Canada Post Corporation
Elizabeth Langdon, EDA INTRIA Items Inc
Jim Leamen, EDA Citigroup
Debbie Lefebvre, EDA Canada Post Corporation
Lucas Lu, EDA INTRIA Items Inc
Rachel Marion-LeBrun, EDA Canada Post Corporation
Segun Oladipo, EDA INTRIA Items Inc
Stanley Pak, EDA Unisen Inc
Senthilkumar Rathinam, EDA Syntel
Roland Rayne, EDA Canada Post Corporation
Mark Rhodes, EDA Lloyds Banking Group
Steve Robinson, EDA Lloyds Banking Group
Niall Rooney, EDA Lloyds Banking Group
Marie-Claire T Simard, EDA Canada Post Corporation
Biserka Spencer, EDA Citigroup
Angela Tawell, EDA Lloyds Banking Group
Pennie Thomas, EDA Lloyds Banking Group
Julie Trezek, EDA HSBC Technology & Services
Anne Tullet, EDA Lloyds Banking Group
Julie Vezina, EDA Canada Post Corporation
Nathaly N Wainwright, EDA Canada Post Corporation
Johnnie Walker, EDA Ministry of Finance – Ontario