Duggal Expands Business with HP Scitex and Indigo Technologies

New York City-based Duggal Visual Solutions Inc. has added a latex ink HP Scitex LX800 Printer and an HP Indigo press 5500 to its operations, offering customers a range of new applications such as wall paper, vehicle graphics, fashion "look books," art catalogs, cosmetic swatches and photo portfolios.

A leading supplier of printing, computer imaging, wide-format graphics and display services, DVS continuously seeks to expand its arsenal of imaging technologies to satisfy emerging client needs. For more than 45 years, Baldev Duggal, chairman of DVS, has been a pioneer in the use of new technologies within the imaging business. As a result, DVS has become renowned for quality as well as for solutions that help retailers, museums and artists effectively market their brands.

"The HP Latex Ink printer and Indigo press are enabling us to do things that no one else is doing from a versatility, quality and environmental standpoint," said Duggal. "Some of our printing is for the fashion and cosmetics industries, which deal with beauty, and when you can make them rave over the quality of your work, you know you're doing things right. It makes a powerful statement about HP technology, about the people we have here, and about Duggal Visual Solutions."

In 2005, DVS began transitioning its large-format portfolio from solvent to UV inks to mitigate the negative effects of solvent technology on the environment and workplace. With a focus on sustainability, DVS initially became a beta site for the HP Designjet L25500 Printer. After the successful implementation, the company decided to add an HP Scitex LX800 Printer to its portfolio for increased throughput, cost-effective production and high quality output that meets customers' growing needs for quick turnaround print jobs on a wide variety of applications.

The 126-inch HP Scitex LX800 Printer sets a new image-quality standard for the industrial large-format market. It is the largest, most productive HP Latex Ink device to date, operating at speeds up to 947 sqft/hr for outdoor billboards and up to 484 sqft/hr. for indoor applications. The printer also features roll-to-free fall, roll-to-collector and dual-roll capabilities.

The HP Latex Inks used with the HP Scitex LX800 Printer offer a wide color gamut and scratch, smudge and water resistance comparable to low-solvent ink technology, while reducing the impact of printing on the environment. The inks allow customers like Duggal to attract environmentally conscious customers with odorless prints—a clear advantage over prints produced with low-solvent inks. Water-based HP Latex Inks have no hazard warning labels, no hazardous air pollutants, and are non-flammable and non-combustible.

DVS' work for clients in the art, fashion and cosmetics markets led the company to seek out a technology that could address several niche applications.

Duggal selected the HP Indigo 5500 digital press based on its consistent high-quality results, high-end four- to seven-color printing, PANTONE color matching, and custom mixing for spot colors. Additionally, HP Indigo's environmental profile factored into the purchasing decision.

"When I heard about the Indigo, how they had reduced the effluent, and the amount of packaging for supplies, I was reminded again that HP is a company I want to do business with," said Duggal. "There is also an array of partially recycled and FSC-certified materials allowing us eco-material options we simply did not have with photographic printing."

Designed for the production of marketing collateral, direct mail, photo merchandise products, books and manuals, the HP Indigo press 5500 supports an extended range of media—including recycled, FSC-certified and SFI-certified papers—and prints in resolutions up to 1,219 dots per inch. In addition, the HP Indigo press 5500 incorporates HP DreamColor Technologies, a certified system of technologies and sciences that makes it easy to produce accurate, predictable and consistent color across a series of digital printing devices.

DVS' decision was also influenced by its relationship with HP. A long-time customer, DVS has relied on HP whenever a situation arises to help them address it.

When making its purchases, Duggal Visual Solutions received flexible, vendor-direct financing from HP Financial Services, the company's leasing and life cycle asset management services subsidiary. HP Financial Services provided Duggal with quick approval, as well as payment terms that matched its revenue projections.

In a business climate more challenging than ever, DVS still believes that quality and customer service can never be too good. DVS' expanded digital portfolio creates a new way of imaging that will open yet more doors to its business, and ultimately the industry.