Ink2image Introduces Repleo Recycling Program

Ink2image has launched their Repleo recycling program that pays wide-format printer users cash for their empty cartridges, as well as supplying remanufactured cartridges at a saving of over 50 percent compared to using new cartridges.

"At Ink2image, we have always been concerned by the amount of plastic waste generated by the wide format inkjet industry. The Repleo program enables us to re-use original cartridges and dramatically reduce the usage of oil and the number of cartridges that end up in land fill sites," said Tony Martin, president of Ink2image. "At the same time, we are offering our customers the benefit of substantial savings on their ink costs by providing remanufactured cartridges filled with our latest color matched and guaranteed inks. It's a win-win situation for print producers – help protect the environment and save money as well."

The Repleo program has two parts. Firstly, empty cartridges can be sent to Ink2image for cash. "You don't have to be a customer to send us your empty cartridges. We will accept cartridges back from any source and pay the freight," stated Martin. Secondly, Repleo remanufactured cartridges filled with the latest Ink2image inks are available from Ink2image's substantial inventory of recycled cartridges that save over 50 percent in ink costs. "A lot of effort went in to the development of our latest Cave Paint inks to ensure they match the color and performance of the original inks. We guarantee that our inks will work just as well as the OEM inks and won't damage your printer," said Martin. "This means that users can happily print with existing color settings and profiles, an unusual feature with aftermarket inks. Our inks are also freely mixable with the original inks so one color at a time can be changed out as existing cartridges are used up."