MMT Partners with Advinylize

Vinyl billboards are used nationwide for advertising and are reclaimed by MetroMedia Technologies (MMT) before they are discarded into landfills. MMT is committed to reduce waste in our landfills and to encourage recycling programs within the billboard industry.

MMT has announced its strategic partnership with Advinylize. Hi-Fashion, multi-purpose bags & totes from Advinylize are made from recycled billboard vinyl and are durable, & quality goods that are both highly useful and provide an option to keep the material out of landfills.

"We are very proud of our strategic alliance with Advinylize. This exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and reducing vinyl waste in landfills. Our eco conscious products make a strong personal statement of style for their owners, and a stronger voice about sustainability," said Michael Kakoyiannis, president & CEO of MetroMedia Technologies.

Made from recycled billboard vinyl, chic accessories from Advinylize make a memorable gift. Our products are helping to reduce waste in landfills and encourage recycling programs within the billboard industry.