Appleton Coated LLC

Appleton Coated Optimizes Websites for Mobile Devices

Appleton Coated has enhanced and for greater compatibility with mobile devices, including Android, BlackBerry and iPad.

"Inspiration doesn't wear a watch – it can strike at any time and any place," said Ferkó Goldinger, advertising and promotion manager. "Creative professionals understand this all too well and are among the early adopters of new technologies. We want to be sure that they have easy, continuous access to Appleton Coated's online resources – no matter the time or place."

A simplified version of the more robust "traditional" site, the mobile-optimized websites present a simplified menu and minimal graphics to quickly connect users with the content they seek. Visitors to are greeted with a short list of contacts, corporate news and products including Utopia Premium, U1X, Utopia One, Utopia Two, U2:XG, and U3.

A link to allows visitors to explore Metallics, Skin, Translucents, Touch, Particles and Conqueror. Clicking on the calculator icon, users can simultaneously compare up to four products for environmental savings in the areas of trees, water, energy, solid waste, and greenhouse gas emissions.