Global Imaging, Inc

Global Imaging Announces New Partnership with Klieverik

Global Imaging has announced its newest partnership with Klieverik. Kleiverik manufacturers heat transfer calendars for dye sublimation. Because the dye sublimation process demands precise temperature control to ensure excellent quality, Global will only carry the Kleiverik line of heat transfer calendars.

The dye (or transfer) sublimation process is still relatively new in the US printing marketplace. Dye sublimation printing results in brilliant colors and very high definition prints for the wide format transfer of paper-printed images and fixation of direct-to-textile prints for advertising, exhibition displays, banners and flags, towels, bedding products, sportswear and other products that would benefit from high-resolution textile substrates. As an added financial bonus to the consumer, fabrics, being lightweight, reduce fuel consumption and shipping costs.

"Dye Sublimation printing is going to emerge as a growing market in the US as it has proven to be over the past several years in Europe," said Greg Lamb, CEO, Global Imaging. "By partnering with Klieverik, Global Imaging is positioning itself to help our customers enter this market with the best products and therefore the best output possible."

Global's partnership with Klieverik on the distribution of the heat transfer calendars will benefit the end user customer by providing the equipment training they need to keep their complete jobs in-house.

Lamb feels that this newest offering from Global keeps them on the cutting-edge of current printing technology and in-line with what their customers are seeking. "Klieverik's systems are the perfect addition to our expanding portfolio of products and services. We strive to stay very aware of industry trends and offer the products and training that our customers want to grow their businesses and profits."