Toyo Ink America, LLC

Toyo Ink America Announces Fresh Identity for Brand

Toyo Ink America has unveiled a new corporate identity and corporate brand philosophy adopted by Toyo Ink Group companies as a result of a major restructuring that occurred on April 1, 2011. Key design elements serve to portray Toyo Ink's rich heritage, vision for the future and commitment to excellence in service.

Being one of the most trusted names in printing ink, Toyo Ink has steadily developed into a brand that is equated with the utmost quality and innovation. The new identity and associated tagline "Visible Science for Life" reflect these values and Toyo Ink's mission to fulfill the demands of everyday life by introducing natural and functional materials.

"As a global graphic arts industry supplier and chemical company with a solid technological history as its base, Toyo Ink represents a brand that is bold, dynamic and ready to take on challenges of the future," explained John Copeland, division president of Toyo Ink America's printing ink division. "The new face of Toyo Ink supports our desire to constantly develop new materials and technological systems and at the same time maintain the delicate balance between energy and the environment. This philosophy helps us keep up with evolving markets. The new identity is a manifestation of the organization's ambitions and commitment."

Toyo Ink supports fast-paced businesses and communication services with its innovative ideas and technology. The adoption of a holding company structure created Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. with Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. and Toyochem Co., Ltd. as its two operating companies. However, Toyo Ink is quick to point out that the "mountain range" management style continues to unite Toyo Ink Group companies as a single entity.

The corporate identity captures this concept visually. The name "TOYO"—the identifier of the group companies—is the common element in a design combining distinctive typefaces—for instance, the stylized letter "K" in "INK" and "E" in "CHEM"—and corporate colors specific to each group company. This combination of elements suggests group unity and individual manufacturing activities that are universal yet original.

Intelligence Blue became the group corporate color of the Toyo Ink Group. It expresses the commitment to creating co-prosperity of humanity and science through a science-oriented approach at all contact points with society.

Primary Red is the corporate color of Toyo Ink. An integral part of the company's heritage, this shade of red has served as the trademark color since the days of Kobayashi's Ink Shop, the predecessor of the Toyo Ink Group. It signifies the traditions and reliability of Toyo Ink's businesses concerned with printing, information and packaging.

Limpid Cyan was selected as the corporate color of Toyochem. This shade of the organic pigment phthalocyanine blue symbolizes the sky, water and earth, and promotes Toyo Ink's concern for the environment.

Harmonious Gray was the color choice to represent Toyo Ink SC Holdings. The color expresses the holding company's firm, harmonious management and secure foundation for the group companies.

"At Toyo Ink, we have always been committed to offering the best customer value by building strong leadership brands," Copeland said. "Our new identity further reinforces our commitment to building a better world for all of our customers."