Martin Yale Industries Recently Introduced Four New Folding Machines

The company launched the new folders to the Print and Office industries at the ON DEMAND trade show in Washington, DC, in March.

Through its network of dealers, the company offers a broad range of tabletop folding machines primarily for the quick print, midrange printing companies, digital print, and mailroom and office environments. Although the line includes smaller folders ideally suited for churches, schools, and small offices, the company has power-folders more suited for print and mailing services. And, will soon launch a 35,000 sheet per hour power-folder. Date to be announced.

The company's line ranges in folder sizes from a small single sheet-fed 8 1/2" x 11" desktop unit to a 12" x 18" format with a feed table capacity up to 500 sheets. Martin Yale folders are available with a variety of options from preset positions for standard folds on manual adjustment machines to preset preprogrammed folds on electronic automatic folders.

Noted for its dedication to the distribution channel, Martin Yale folders are sold exclusively through a network of authorized dealers. For more information call 1-800-327-8999 Ext M/Y Folders.