Fujifilm Dimatix Uses Ceramics China 2011 to Showcase Digital Ceramic Tile Decoration

Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc. has announced its participation in the 25th China International Ceramic Industry Exhibition.

At the event, Fujifilm Dimatix will use its exhibit at Stand C211 in Hall 5 to showcase its growing presence in the global market for digital ceramic tile decoration using inkjet technology. In 2010, this market amounted to about five million square meters of printed tiles, according to research firm IT Strategies.

Fujifilm Dimatix will also use the event to highlight its partnerships with many of the world's leading ceramics printing system manufacturers and ink developers. Visitors will be able to gather information about these partner companies, many of which will have a major presence and product demonstrations in their own exhibit space elsewhere on the show floor.

The ceramics industry exhibition, which is known as Ceramics China 2011 and runs from May 26th-29th at the China Import and Export Fair Complex, is expected to exceed 70,000 sq-meters across five exhibit halls and to draw more than 50,000 professionals from countries around the world.

A Growing Share of Digital Ceramics Decoration

"Fujifilm Dimatix has been marketing, selling and supporting printhead products in China for nearly 10 years. Our commitment to the many Chinese industrial markets has created accelerating growth in applications from wide format printing to industrial decoration," said Russell Brown, OEM Printhead Manager for Fujifilm Dimatix.

"Most recently, the application of our unique Drop-on-Demand inkjet technology is helping us attain a major and growing share of the market for digital ceramic tile decoration, here in China and in major industrial centers around the world."

"Our close relationships with leading ceramic systems manufacturers and digital ink partners have made it possible for us to gain share for this dynamic application of inkjet technology," Brown explained.

Company Information and Product Demonstrations

On its stand, Fujifilm Dimatix will display information about its drop-on-demand (DOD) inkjet printhead technology within the context of its 25-year history of performance and precision in inkjet technology. It also will provide opportunity for attendees to gather descriptive information about its well-known printhead product lines.

An advanced Dimatix Material Printer DMP 2800 will jet ceramic ink provided by Ferro used to digitally decorate ceramic wall and floor tiles.

The hallmark of the Fujifilm Dimatix Piezo DOD printhead design is that every jet can operate concurrently and at a high throughput rate without trading off drop placement accuracy – thereby enabling precision jetting at greater standoff distances, and at production speed. In addition, the durable materials Fujifilm Dimatix uses in their manufacture allow the company's patented printhead products to jet the broadest range of inks and other fluids at sustained high frequencies.

System Builders and Ink Partners

Several galleries on the stand will be used to display various types of fully fired, digitally produced, manufacturer supplied tiles that Fujifilm Dimatix printhead products help produce, including flat tiles, wall tiles and cove moldings boldly decorated with unusual colorants, glazes and materials. FUJIFILM Dimatix also is using the stand to highlight its partnerships with some of the world's leading ceramics printing system manufacturers and ink developers.

Many of these partners also have a major presence in their own exhibit space elsewhere on the show floor, enabling attendees to see the many new digital printers based on Fujifilm Dimatix inkjet printheads as well as the latest ceramic glazes and colorants designed for inkjet decoration.

Fujifilm Dimatix Exhibition Partners

  • Gruppo Colorrobbia; Florence, Italy, a leading global chemical producer and supplier to the world ceramic market. At Stand C102-11, Hall 3.1.
  • Teckwin International; Shanghai, China, designs, manufactures and supports large and grand format solvent and UV flatbed and roll-to-roll inkjet printing systems for use in the most demanding graphics applications. At Stand B417, Hall 2.1.
  • T.S.C. SpA; Modena; Italy, a leading brand for over 20 years in designing and building automation and digital ceramic and screen printing systems.
  • EsmalGlass Ink; Villarreal, Spain, an internationally recognized pioneer in the development of frits, glazes, pigments, inks and ceramic additives. At Stand C005, Hall 3.1.
  • Runtianzhi RTZ Flora; Shenzen, China, a leader in wide format systems and inks for digital printing applications. At Stand B102, Hall 2.1.
  • Ferro Inks; Almazora, Spain, a world-leading supplier of ceramic glaze coatings and a major supplier of ceramic colors, including KeramInks for Inkjet Printing on Ceramics. At Stand C203, Hall 3.1.
  • Jettable; Netanya, Israel, developer and manufacturers of innovative pigmented ink and inkjet platforms for ceramic tile decoration.
  • System S.p.A; Modena, Italy, a world leader in the field of decoration and automatic devices for ceramics. At Stand C101, Hall 3.1.
  • Chimigraph; Barcelona Spain, a major supplier of inkjet inks for flatbed, wide-format and super-wide printing systems.

Close Cooperation Produces a Commanding Market Lead

"A complete digital solution involves a hardware element, software and often specialty inks, and in no industry is this more evident than digital decoration of ceramic tiles," noted Brown.

"Working in close cooperation with our partners is the cornerstone of our success. Through these partnerships, we have established a great reputation in China as a quality supplier of precision, best-in-class printhead products for multiple applications."