Polytype America Corp.

Polytype Appoints Arrow Systems as Authorized Dealer

Polytype has announced the appointment of Arrow Systems as the authorized distributor of its Virtu wide-format machines in India and Australasia with immediate effect.

With customers in both territories demanding high levels of quality and support from their machines, Polytype identified and quantified the need for a reseller with extensive demonstration and service capabilities. Arrow's holistic approach to satisfying these market requirements, plus its chain of sales and support offices, were key to its selection as a distributing partner of the Virtu range, as were its 20 years' experience in the wide-format market and its keen understanding of the needs of printing companies.

"Arrow is in the business of selling and supporting the best products on the market, and our customers expect nothing less from us," said Sam Arrow, managing director of Arrow. "The Virtu range from Polytype outperforms competitors in the same technology space. The printers all place very sharp dots in the most precise manner, and incorporate practical considerations, such as a cooling system for 24/7 operation. Other manufacturers make claims about the performance of their machines, but Polytype goes one step further and provides proof."

Arrow has operated in the printing, packaging and coating industries for more than 40 years and previously supplied VUTEk equipment for over two decades. Its network of offices stretches across many regions including India and Australia, supporting customers with service, parts and consumables. Its demonstration, training, research and development facilities also augment its service as Arrow continues to invest in educating both itself and its customers.

"Virtu is the standard that other major players in this industry will have to follow," said Arrow. "When customers become aware of the Virtu and test drive it, they don't look elsewhere. We encourage any printer who is tired of experimenting, who wants low running costs and the reliability necessary for high throughput and print quality, and who wants a true partner for the long term to visit our showrooms and see Polytype's Virtu series in action. The Virtu machines are the future for this industry."

Sylvia Muhr, European sales director for Polytype's Virtu business unit, said that Arrow's infrastructure would allow the Virtu range to reach more customers who need the hardwearing industrial machinery that Polytype offers. "Because of the extensive engineering of the Virtu range, Polytype has ensured that it is suitable for all types of printing environment where performance and precision are of the essence," she comments. "Arrow has recognised this and embodies many of the same quality values, making it the perfect new distribution partner for these important regions."