GBC Introduces PVC-free Polypropylene Binders

GBC, a market leader in document finishing has recently introduced its first PVC-free polypropylene binder to the market. With this new product introduction GBC helps businesses evolve by utilizing eco-friendly, ‘green’ binders. The Clear View Premium Presentation Binder is made with polypropylene which is a 100% recyclable material. This conversion from PVC to polypropylene has placed GBC at the forefront of the competition.

With the new GBC polypropylene premium binder, customers can have confidence that they are not only getting a product with material that can be recycled but also one that has greater strength and durability. PVC is very sensitive to exposure to certain temperature changes and can easily crack. With the new polypropylene material, we have dramatically reduced the possibility of cold cracking.

GBC has made other improvements to the polypropylene Clear View Premium Presentation Binders. Users can easily open and close the binders’ rings with an exclusive single touch locking ring mechanism; no more pinched fingers. Printed documents won’t stick or bleed into the polypropylene like they often do with PVC. And GBC has added four interior stacked pockets for more user space and organization.

Binders are available in white or black and in ‘round ring’ style (1/2” – 3”) or in angle D style (1” – 4”) which can hold up to 40% more paper. The locking rings keep pages safe and secure and the premium no gap ring design keeps rings aligned.