Agfa Graphics

Agfa Graphics Adds MicroGREEN's Eco-Friendly Display Media to its Portfolio

Agfa Graphics has announced that the company has teamed up with MicroGREEN Polymers, Incto offer a new, alternative, eco-friendly media to commercial and display printers. MicroGREEN manufactures InCycle, created with recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) material to be used for signs and displays. It is available in sheets or rolls of varying thickness and flexural stiffness, with a bright white, highly printable surface, making InCycle ideal for large signs, wall hangings, printed panels, and many other applications.

InCycle sheets come with a number of sustainability benefits when compared to conventional substrates. InCycle is:

  • made with 50 percent recycled content
  • 80 percent less dense than a solid plastic sheet
  • 100 percent recyclable
  • light-weight leads to huge shipping savings
  • 100 percent weatherproof
  • available in a variety of superior customizable surface finishes, from glossy to matte

"Pitman, an Agfa Company, is proud to partner with MicroGREEN to offer InCycle to our customers. InCycle has been proven to lower the environmental impact of retail signage, a viable solution for the retail industry," said Larry Salomon, vice-president of wide format display graphics, Agfa Graphics, North America. "InCycle joins our own premium, waterproof eco-friendly media, Synaps UV, as an alternative for environmentally-responsible display printing."

"Billions of square feet of signage are put up and thrown away at retail each year. Using recycled content lowers the environmental impact of this signage, as does reducing the source material through our lower density," said MicroGREEN's Chris Jacobs, director of marketing and product development. "The crowning achievement of our material in this application is its ability to be recycled in a closed loop system."

InCycle is naturally bright white without the addition of pigments, so graphics and type are crisp and clear. InCycle can hold a crease and be formed using standard equipment and it can be shaped on convolute or thermoform machines. InCycle's structure makes it possible to emboss or deboss on one surface, leaving the other flat and printable, unlike other media on the market.