Collins Ink President Lawrence Gamblin to Present on Ink Manufacturing Perspective of Emerging Digital Print Markets

Collins Ink President Lawrence Gamblin will be giving a presentation on the ink manufacturer's perspective of emerging digital print markets at IMI's 4th Annual Digital Printing Presses – Road Map to 2020 Conference. The conference, being held at the Hollywood Beach Marriott in Hollywood (Ft. Lauderdale), FL, runs from June 20-22, 2011 and is sponsored by Information Management Institute (IMI).

According to Gamblin, who founded Collins Ink in 1990, "We believe the print producers (printers) will end up determining how the sales channels for printers and consumables develop. Printers are the ones who purchase the printers. Printers are the ones who will develop and pursue new markets. OEMs, printer manufacturers and ink producers who listen to printers and who adapt their business models to meet the needs of the printers, will eventually be the companies that succeed."

Mr. Gamblin will address the following topics:

  • Overview of Ink Jet Inks: Chemistries, Cost Models & Present Value Streams
  • Market Background & Lessons Learned from Earlier Industrial Markets
  • New High Speed Four Color (HSFC) Ink Jet Markets will Drive New Models among OEM's, Printhead Manufacturers, Ink Producers, Printers & Print Customers
  • Future Value Stream will be Driven by Printers (Print Producers) – Printers Purchase the Printers, Develop New Markets & will Define New Business Models
  • What can we Expect in the Future?

"We are pleased to have Lawrence Gamblin, Founder and President of Collins Ink, as a presenter at this year's conference" said Al Keene, President of IMI. "As Collins Ink is a recognized leader in developing successful industrial ink jet inks. Their extensive R&D capabilities and strong partnerships with leading printing industry companies provide them with a unique perspective on the development trends in the digital printing press market."

Collins Ink will also be having a display at IMI's 4th Annual Digital Printing Presses – Road Map to 2020 Conference focusing on their thermal, CIJ and DOD/Piezo inks involving water-based, solvent-based, oil-based and UV curing ink technologies.