Transcontinental to Shutter Spot Graphics Plant

Transcontinental announced yesterday that it will be closing its Transcontinental Spot Graphics printing plant at 1615 Inkster Blvd. in Winnipeg by the end of December 2011. Twenty employees left the plant this morning and about 20 remain to handle the book of business in accordance with the transfer plan. In the coming months, print production at the Manitoba facility will be transferred to Transcontinental PLM in Toronto, which has benefited from major investments to improve its efficiency and production capacity, particularly through the addition of highly specialized equipment.

"Customers' needs are changing, both in terms of technology and the expertise required to carry out their projects. This has led us to invest more in our platform and to focus on specific centres of excellence," said Patrice Lacoste, Senior Vice President, Marketing Products Group, Transcontinental Printing. "With this transfer, the Corporation will be able to offer its customers highly efficient and state-of-the-art technology under one roof."

Transcontinental wishes to thank everyone at Transcontinental Spot Graphics for their dedication and outstanding contribution to the success of the Corporation for many years. The employees affected will receive separation packages and out-placement services to help them quickly find new jobs.