Ripping Costs: Global Graphics at the IMI Digital Printing Presses Conference

Global Graphics' chief technology officer, Martin Bailey will be speaking at the IMI's 4th Annual Digital Printing Presses conference (June 20 – 22, Ft. Lauderdale, FL) about the challenges facing the digital print market as a result of the huge volumes of data that need to be processed because of the increasing complexity of print jobs.

In a session called "RIPping through data: challenges faced in the digital front end" Bailey will describe how the increase in the use of transparency in graphic design and the trend towards increased variable data coverage, the digital front ends (DFEs) or RIP farms that drive digital presses must process data quickly enough to drive presses at their full rated speeds.

But, Bailey will point out, it's not just about speed.

"The challenge isn't just to be fast enough," he said. "The real challenge is to achieve that goal without incurring an uneconomically high cost for the bill of materials to build the DFE."

Press manufacturers want to minimize the costs of the DFE compared with the cost of the press. Yet they have to ensure their products help print shops respond to market opportunities such as the growing market for photo book printing, or for personalized direct marketing materials. What's the next step once you've optimized the system's hardware?

His session will draw on Global Graphics' approach to working with HP on their HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server and HP SmartStream Ultra Print Server DFEs. Global Graphics is the developer of the Harlequin RIP that has been used to drive the Indigo digital press range since 2002.