Trader Joe's Connects with Consumers via Brochure Printing Campaign

Even in a society where digital reigns supreme, a print marketing approach is still a strategy that companies leverage to target consumers that are frequently bombarbed with email, SMS, and social media marketing messages. Additionally, for those firms operating on a strict budget, brochure printing can be an inexpensive business marketing strategy for reaching core consumers.

For example, despite its national recognition, nontraditional grocery store Trader Joe's targets its consumers with a monthly brochure, called its Fearless Flyer, Business Insider reported. The 20-page brochure features information on the store's products, as well as "whimsical" images, and a shopping guide for consumers to cut out and take in-store. Additionally, the grocer uses a multichannel approach, consumers to sign up for the brochure online.

"[Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer is] the kind of brochure that you hang onto rather than file away in the circular recycling bin," Denise Lee Yohn wrote for the source.

The grocery store also targets consumers with radio advertisements, featuring both the firm's CEO, Dan Bane, and Trader Joe's employees.