Enhances Patented Marketing Intelligence Platform GeoSelector (, a leading provider of integrated direct marketing solutions, announced today that GeoSoftworks, LLC, a firm in which principals are the majority owners, recently received an additional patent on GeoSelector, its revolutionary data segmentation technology. The new patent recognizes the uniqueness of certain functionality, including the software’s ability to create polygons using driving routes, single lines, natural boundaries and elevation lines, giving GeoSelector users the ability to microtarget at an unprecedented level. U.S. Patent Number 7,916,142, awarded on March 29, 2011, derives from a continuation-in-part of the original 2006 patent application. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded the first GeoSelector patent, U.S. Patent No. 7,561,169, on July 14, 2009. also is collaborating with the Towson University Center for GIS (CGIS), a recognized expert in GIS technology, to improve the interface utilized by GeoSelector’s three primary user groups. While all client types will continue to be served from a single interface, CGIS staff will enhance toolset presentation, making it more relevant to each group’s specific needs.

These efforts follow the October 2010 launch of GeoSelector 2.0, an updated version reflecting an enhanced mapping and analytics engine and new user functionality including better customer visualization, more maps and geographical selection tools and a larger map interface. Notably, GeoSelector can be driven from any address dataset type and can provide access to person- and household-level consumer data as well as new-mover, new-homeowner and business data. Thus, GeoSelector is the perfect tool for businesses of every size, whether small businesses looking to rent very targeted mailing lists of local prospects, marketing analysts performing trade and franchise development, or national service and retail organizations seeking insight on current customers in order to identify look-alike prospects.

Kirk Swain, Principal,, said, “GeoSelector is an incomparable marketing intelligence platform, as the award of two separate U.S. patents demonstrates. Simply stated, no other technology can microtarget the way GeoSelector can by virtue of its design and expansive database. Possessing such a unique tool creates two business challenges for First, we must stay abreast of developments within the GIS industry to assure GeoSelector always incorporates the latest technology. Second, we must vigorously defend GeoSelector against patent infringement.”