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Marabu Receives SGIA Sustainability Recognition Award 2011

Marabu has announced the international Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) has awarded Marabu with SGIA's Sustainability Recognition Award 2011. Marabu received this honor again after years of implementing a sustainable environmental policy with measurable, concrete results. This achievement shows that Marabu is on the right track to incorporate sustainability as a key value into practice.

In order to control the company's environmental performance, Marabu focuses on six key indicators: waste, exhaust, environmental commitment, product carbon footprint, energy efficiency and water.

By using natural gas and CO2-neutral eco-power, Marabu successfully reduced the carbon footprint of 1 kilogram of ink by around 64.2 percent, in the year it switched to green electricity (2007). In cooperation with a specialist waste disposal company, Marabu also managed to significantly reduce its amount of waste. As a result, around 98 percent of Marabu's waste can be re-used in other processes. Less waste amounts to a resource-efficiency of 99.7 percent, based on the amount of non-recyclable materials Marabu generates compared to the quantity of finished products. For every ton of ink Marabu produces, there is only 2.4 kilograms of waste requiring disposal. These examples highlight the company's continuous activities that were not only honored by the SGIA but also by Marabu's clients for using a disciplined environmental approach.

"We combine business success with environmental protection, safety and social responsibility", said Rolf Simon, a member of Marabu's Management Board. Marabu has had an environmental officer on its staff since 1990. Continuous follow-up of its environmental activities has always been very important and will play a significant role in the future.