Estimator Corp.

Estimator Corp. Announces Two Sales of Its Cloud Estimating and WorkFlow Remote Access Solution

Earl Litho of Menasha, WI, and West Coast Graphics of  St. Petersburg, FL, selected the Estimator remote hosted solution for their estimating and workflow software, for its low cost, ease of installation and high speed response from any location, including iPads, Macs, PCs or Android devices. The nominal third party hosting fee of $89.95/month charged by Zebra Host allows up to 5 simultaneous users and provides 300GB data transfer and automatic backup.

The acquisition of a new facility by West Coast Graphics with a different configuration allowed simultaneous access from each location to the same database.

The new Estimator application is not browser based and requires no HTML configuration. Selecting the latest MicroSoft RDP technology for the platform allowed Estimator’s software developers in conjunction with MicroSoft to create the necessary technology to have its software package operate seamlessly in the cloud.

Both clients immediately recognized significant savings in equipment updates as well as increased efficiency in their daily operations.

Estimator expands its industry cost effevtive fully Artificial Intelligent (AI) estimating and workflow solution capability with an industry first using the latest RDP technology. The easy-to-install, learn and use solutions with Advanced Job Costing, delivers 19 unique reports in an error-free, single screen environment and includes analysis of sales, productivity and department production load schedules.

A solutions leader for Sheetfed, Web, Wide-Format, Screen, Digital and Flexo, award winning Estimator also provides Full-Metric configuration with a simple click…and includes non-intrusive installation in a few days with regular updates and full live maintenance

To schedule a Webinar, and have the unrestricted 60-day trial installed…call 203 682 6435.