Printing Industries of America (PIA)

Web Offset Association 2011 Award Winners

The 2011 Web Offset Awards winners were announced and featured at the 2011 Offset & Beyond Conference. Members of the SNAP (Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production) committee judged a variety of web and offset produced pieces on the degree of difficulty to print; registration; folding, binding, and finishing; the overall craftsmanship. Pieces that met the high standards of the competition were rewarded with the highest designation in the web offset industry.

Recipients of the 2011 Web Offset Awards include Quad Graphics-Commercial & Specialty Group, The News-Review, Ripon Printers, Southeast Media, Gannet Offset, Springfield, Alliance Press, Inc., P&P Press Inc., PT Gramedia Cikarang Plant, The John Roberts Company, Suttle-Straus Inc., Arandell Corporation, Creel Printing, Butler Color Press, Teldon Print Media, Evergreen Printing, Western Web, Journal Graphics, Gateway Packaging Co., Angstrom Graphics, and Vertis Communications.

Winners enjoyed complimentary registrations to the 2011 Offset & Beyond Conference and the prestige as being honored as the best in the industry. Mark Winans, President/Gannett Offset-Springfield and VP/Gannett Offset Print Group, and recipient of the Best of the Best Coldset Award, said, “The Best of the Best award not only recognizes the individual efforts but acknowledges the overall teamwork and success at both Gannett Offset and USA Today. The award clearly shows the pride and effort in which the staff aspires into each and every product -- every day.”

Steve Jackson, president, Western Web, Inc., said of the Web Offset Awards, “We proved the value to ourselves in the worst possible way in 2010 when we procrastinated and missed the entry deadline. It really impacted us for an entire year. But, we’re back, entering, winning, attending the conference this year and now starting to market our success – we’ll never miss an opportunity to enter again. We love it, because it works for us on so many levels.”

Thanks to US Ink, a Sun Chemical Corporation, Central Ink Corporation, Flint Group, Goss International Corporation, Kodak for sponsoring the competition. Complete information about the winners can be found at For more information about the Web Offset Awards please contact Justin Goldstein at or call (800) 910-4283 ext. 806