New basysPrint UV-Setter 450x and 850x Series Bring Multi-functionality and High Productivity

basysPrint announces its new series of 4-page and 8-page UV platesetters. The new UV-Setter 450x and 850x Series open the doors to a range of unique Cross Applications for its customers, helping them to safeguard the future of their businesses. These multi-functional and highly productive UV-Setters were recently introduced to basysPrint’s network of distributors and agents, at an event held at basysPrint’s production plant in Belgium on June 6-7.

“Our approach is to develop solutions that will secure the future of our customers’ businesses,” says Christophe Lievens, Director of Sales and Marketing. “The ability to provide an array of innovative applications that will differentiate their offering in an increasingly commodity based industry is of the utmost importance to printers. At basysPrint, we use the name Cross Applications for these unique print effects such as spot varnishes, hot-foil stamping and embossing, as well as processes like die-cutting and screen printing. By enabling our customers to offer these Cross Applications in-house, we supply them with additional revenue streams and service levels to help them safeguard their continued success.”

Cross Applications for profitability and flexibility

The new devices extend the success of basysPrint’s existing UV-Setter 450 and 850 Series, and give customers the opportunity to embrace new markets and Cross Applications. Using the UV-Setter 450x and 850x Series, printers can now image in-house:

· UV plates for offset printing

· Coating plates for spot varnish printing

· Photoengraving magnesium or copper plates (up to 10mm thick) for hot-foil stamping and embossing

· Screen meshes for all kinds of silk screen printing applications

· Dies for flexible die-cutting

Higher productivity

In addition, the UV-Setter 850x Series deliver higher productivity through a dual plate loading capability that allows to process two plates (up to a maximum size of 445 x 1150 mm) at the same time. This means that the system can image up to 120 plates per hour (470 x 650 mm size). With the new graphical user interface, printers can manage and control their UV-Setters also remotely, even by using Smartphone and tablet type devices.

Flexible, modular design

The UV-Setter 450x and 850x Series are available with a range of flexible options, from completely manual and semi-automatic versions, right up to fully automatic multi-cassette systems capable of accepting up to five different plate formats from five cassettes, each holding 100 plates. Customers can easily upgrade their system to another model with higher level of automation and number of plate cassettes when required.

basysPrint UV-Setters expose all UV sensitive plates for all types of printing presses. They have a unique flatbed design and Dynamic Autofocus technology, allowing the UV-Setter 450x and 850x to expose a wide range of different plate types, and handle the various Cross Applications. An integrated punch provides fast, reliable and register-accurate customer-specific punching before exposure. And the exposure speed can be configured individually by increasing the number of high-performance diode modules (DSI³), enabling plate throughput rates to be more than doubled.

As with all basysPrint UV conventional CtP systems, the new platforms also provide the many standard benefits of UV-plate technology. These include high quality imaging, stable, easy to maintain processing with wide processing tolerances, high run length stability even without baking, low energy consumption, and eco-friendly processing chemistry which can be poured down the drain after use, and lasts three times longer than chemistry used with digital plates.

International launch event

Distributors and agents from around the world were given the chance to learn about the new UV-Setter 450x and 850x Series when they were unveiled for the first time at an event at basysPrint’s production plant in Ieper, Belgium on June 6-7 2011. This event focused on the multi-functionality of the new platforms, with demonstrations being given on the 8-up UV-Setter 851x (manual) and 855x (automatic), alongside workshops on utilizing the Cross Applications for relevant markets. Customers can therefore be certain that, wherever they purchase a basysPrint UV-Setter system from, they will receive the highest standards of service and information.

The new UV-Setter 450x and 850x Series will be commercially available for customers on November 1, 2011.

About basysPrint

basysPrint, a division of Punch Graphix, is the inventor of UV-CtP and has been offering internationally proven systems for the digital exposure of conventional UV printing plates for more than 10 years. These systems are characterized by a high level of economic efficiency for print companies of all sizes. Through the use of UV-plates, users are able to benefit from a stable and environment-friendly production process delivering ultimate imaging quality.