Two International Card Manufacturers Association Members Earned Accreditation

The International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) announced two more members have earned the Advanced Card Education (ACE-M) accreditation, which recognizes the knowledge and expertise of leading professionals in card manufacturing.

The first designation, ACE-M, was launched in 2007 and covers general card manufacturing. Currently 26 members have successfully passed the exam. The following are the most recent members to earn the ACE-M designation:

• Peter Deisenroth
Director of Engineering
Bristol ID Technologies
United States

• Christopher Dyball
Operation Manager, COO
LaserCard Corporation
United States

Individuals earn the designation by demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of card manufacturing processes through the completion of a rigorous exam. Applicants must be working for an ICMA member company and have a minimum of three years of industry experience in order to take the exam.
The exam is comprised of eight sections: Substrates, Inks, Adhesives, Printing, Collation, Lamination, Die-cutting and Standards/Testing. Individuals must meet a minimum proficiency in all eight areas to pass the test.

“It’s great to see members continue to take pride in and value being an ACE designee,” said Al Vrancart, ICMA Founder Emeritus and Industry Advisor. “Through the program, members are able to showcase their competence, dedication and commitment to the industry.”

The following members have also earned ACE accreditation: Arun P.K., Cupola Plastic Cards; Derrick Celewicz, Versatile Card Technology; Bill Crawford, Waytek; Shannon K. Crawford-Taylor, CFC International; Bob Cristinzio, CFC International; Julie Davidson, Travel Tags, Inc.; Walter Floyd, CFC International; Joel Germain, Travel Tags, Inc.; Julie Hermanson, CPI Card Group; Keefe Lemmon, Fiserv; Manoj Mathew, Versatile Card Technology Ltd.; Lynne McDevitt, ABnote North America; Guy Meeker, CPI Card Group, Inc.; Barry Mosteller, CPI Card Group, Inc.; Matthew O’Connell, ABnote North America; Mark Powell; Jason Prince, CardLogix; Del Reyes, Giesecke & Devrient; Mike Sabatini, Perfect Plastic Printing; Mike Sovich, QCR Solutions Corp.; Daniel Szumski, CFC International; Eric Virostek, Giesecke & Devrient; Jim Ward, Allegheny Plastics Inc. and Dean Warner, BÖWE, BELL + HOWELL.

The next testing dates are October 13 in Munich, Germany and October 27 in Chicago, Illinois, in conjunction with ICMA’s Regional Events.

For more information on ICMA’s ACE accreditation program, or to learn how to become an ICMA member, call (609) 799-4900; e-mail or visit the ICMA website at