Environmentally Friendly Printers Association Creates North America’s First Green Certification Program for Digital Printing

Environmental certification is nothing new in the printing industry. Printers have been demonstrating to clients the environmental benefits of commercial printing through recognized certification programs for years. Now printers with digital print devices can also tout their printed products are as good for the environment through efpa’s new digital certification program.

efpa’s certification is North America’s first environmental certification program for the digital print industry. Certification is for printing facilities using digital printing equipment to produce print. Certification standards address paper, recycled products and supplies, energy efficiency, V.O.C. reduction, facility compliance, equipment maintenance, packaging and even delivery of printed products.

The new digital certification comes after a year of research by efpa in the digital market. Joseph Grape, President of efpa, who has extensive background in the digital print market, was the leading force behind the new certification. efpa gathered information from leading manufacturers of digital printing equipment and based their certification standards off the findings.

For a copy of efpa’s digital printing certification standards or commercial printing standards, you can contact efpa or visit the website at www.myefpa.com.