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100 Curators Wanted to Host Community-Based Shows

The Lexicon of Sustainability Project has launched a call for 100 curators from across the USA to host pop up shows in their communities.

Sponsored by Consolidated Graphics (CGX), this groundbreaking exhibition of large format photo collages takes art out of its traditional museum and gallery setting and allows individuals and local groups to host their own Pop Up Art Show; these temporary, mobile personalized art events will be held directly in the community, spurring dialog about how people can have a positive impact on their local food systems.

The Lexicon of Sustainability Project was founded by Douglas Gayeton and Laura Howard-Gayeton. The couple spent two years conversing with the foremost practitioners of sustainability in food and farming, then translated these insights into large format photo collages and a series of short films with seed funding from ITVS. These works form the basis of the traveling exhibition.

As part of its grassroots initiative, The Lexicon of Sustainability Project is seeking curators to coordinate local Pop-Up shows. Individuals who are not curators are being specifically sought. Community leaders, students, farmers, activist, gardeners and cooks are encouraged to apply. In all, 100 curators from across the USA will be selected. Each will host 2 shows that involve their local communities, with the artworks to be donated to local schools at the end of each exhibit.

The exhibit will be printed on FSC-certified paper, which guarantees that it comes from forests that are managed in accordance with strict environmental standards. Over 3000 images will be given away during the course of the exhibition.

Prospective curators will complete an application which asks WHY they want to be a curator, WHERE they would hold their two Lexicon shows, and WHO they would involve (local schools, non-profits, food producers, notable individuals) in their events. Additionally, prospective curators will be asked to select a community space or center (i.e. a school, library, or government building) where the images will become part of a permanent collection once the shows are completed.