Metrix Software

Graphic Arts Schools Implement Industry Standard Software to Teach the Science and Art of Computerized Production Management

Many of the world’s leading graphic arts educational institutions are saddled with outdated technology and no budget for upgrades. This places the burden on the printing companies, who must spend substantial sums providing on-the-job training. It also severely impacts the readiness of Graphic Arts graduates to qualify for jobs upon graduation.

“We developed the Metrix Educational Donation Program because we are committed to assisting the educational institutions who are training the next generation of industry leaders,” said Rohan Holt, President of LithoTechnics, Inc., developer of Metrix, the industry standard software for automated and intelligent job planning and imposition.

Holt continued, “We are very proud of the results of this program thus far. Literally hundreds of Metrix seats have been donated to leading G.A. schools throughout the U.S., Canada, Germany, Belgium, and Australia. Along with the software, we’ve made available our superb multi-media training materials, which are an invaluable teaching aid.”

“Learning Metrix has had incredible value for our students,” said Dr. Naik Dharavath, Associate Professor in Graphic Communications Management at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. UW-Stout’s program, which dates back to 1912, prepares graduates for careers in printing and associated industries. It is the largest in the Midwest and one of the most competitive in the nation. LithoTechnics’ donation will permit students and faculty to practice and perform computerized production management activities and to learn how Metrix integrates with MIS, prepress and post-press systems and processes, Dharavath said.

“It has been a great learning experience for the students in the post-press and estimating classes to be able to experience the production management workflow – from print job planning to print finishing – as it is performed today in the industry and to see how this contributes to high quality work, efficiency and profitability,” Dharavath said.

Doug Paape, Printing & Publishing Instructor at Fox Valley Technical College, stated, “When [Kodak] Preps 6 came out, we were faced with a decision: retrain entirely on Preps, or go with new technology capable of automating and rationalizing the entire job planning and imposition task – Metrix. We decided to do the latter, and have never looked back. The transition from Preps to Metrix was far easier and much more worthwhile than implementing and retraining on Preps 6.”

Art Seto, Assistant Professor at the School of Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, commented, “We have been using Metrix to teach our students automated job planning since the Winter semester of 2009. Students find Metrix extremely user-friendly and intuitive, which makes the complexities of job planning and imposition easier to teach.”

About LithoTechnics

LithoTechnics is a privately held company founded in 2003 by Rohan Holt. Holt invented the first production planning software for the sheetfed market in 1995, and Metrix, LithoTechnics’ flagship product, is the culmination of Holt’s years of print production experience and accumulated software design expertise. Metrix, launched in 2004, received the prestigious 2005 PIA/GATF InterTech Technology Award, recognized industry-wide as a symbol of technological innovation and excellence. With offices in Edmonds, Washington, Turnhout, Belgium, and south of Sydney, Australia, LithoTechnics is a software company focused on providing key tools and technologies to enable print workflow automation. LithoTechnics is a full member of the CIP4 Organization.