TrueTone and Ziraba Forge Partnership In Spain

TrueTone, company specializing in color has signed an exclusive agreement with Ziraba for Spain, a company renowned for gravure cylinder engraving.

TrueTone offers a highly interesting alternative to those existing in the market today, offering Heptacromía system for gravure printing. This new technique works not only with the usual color compositions, but from white to black in Heptacromía (the merger of 7 colors and not the overlay that is now within 7 colors) through a system of protected formulation that allows for additional combinations to existing systems, allowing customers to not only print the same color on their premises, but anywhere in the world who has this methodology.

This solution will go ahead gravure printing industries to other being Ziraba gravure cylinder engraving exclusively for Spain in this technology. This whole system is complemented by standard inks for Heptacromía which is certified for gravure Chimigraf Ibérica ink manufacturer.

Thus, the triangle Ziraba-Chimigraf-TrueTone offer a system with integrated methodology TrueTone, certified inks and curves recording, approved and all that is needed to increase the quality of the final work.