CS Laboratories Launches Yellow Magic Cleaner Refill Program

CS Laboratories of North America, a Bradley Systems Company has announced a cost-saving refill program for its 55-gallon drum size of Yellow Magic, their cleaner of UV and water-based inks & coatings, a non-HazMat, non-flammable, and low VOC alternative to traditional HazMat cleaners.

“The new refill program offers our customers significantly lower transportation costs by replacing our 55 gallon Ready-To-Use drums with two UPS shippable refill cubes which are 18% of the weight of the drum", according to Mark Bass, President of CS Laboratories. In addition, the space-saving refill cubes are stackable and take up 1/6th of the space of a drum for greater ease of distribution and inventory management”.

Reusing the existing Yellow Magic drum eliminates disposal fees and the refill cubes can be either recycled or broken down and disposed of with regular garbage pickups.

For more information and a detailed cost analysis of how the CS Laboratories drum refill program can reduce your cleaning costs, call 773-638-6900 or email: mbass@yellowmagiccleaner.com  
CS Laboratories is offering first time users a free one gallon trial size sample of Yellow Magic Cleaner.  To receive a sample and a Material Safety Data Sheet, please email above. Offer is limited to US and Canada only.