Transcontinental Prints Comic Book Adaptations of Best-Selling Business Books

Do you want to have fun while getting smarter?

Franco Arda, CEO and Founder of SmarterComics, LLC, has made it his mission imparts keys to success to business leaders and innovators everywhere without boring their pants off with dull, lifeless amounts of text. Through SmarterComics, Arda brings to life the works of brilliant business minds through high-quality, intelligent illustrations, including that of New York Times bestselling authors Chris Anderson and Larry Winget, bestselling author Brian Tracy, and more.

“In under an hour, these books will help you become more successful in both your professional and personal lives,” says Arda. “We aim to entertain and empower at the same time. Processing pictures are natural to humans; we started learning through pictures at a young age. We tend to absorb visual information better then text. Why not embrace that for business purposes?”

For Arda, the concept of SmarterComics stemmed from a book he wrote entitled Fortune Favors the Bold, which he wrote to inspire success in the life of his two-year-old daughter. Unhappy with the text-based book, Arda met with a comic book artist, and Fortune Favors the Bold became the first business book in a series that bans boredom while making readers smarter, stronger, and more skilled.

“Most people’s excuse for not reading is simply having no time do so,” adds Arda. “SmarterComics can be read in less than an hour, making it much more convenient for readers to get the info they need without taking too much of their time.”

So, need a motivation boost? Feeling stagnant in your current job role and looking to enhance your abilities? Through a series of vibrant comic books, SmarterComics will help you get smarter while having fun, tapping into the most brilliant business minds and revealing:

  • How comic books can entertain AND empower!
  • The insider secrets of some of the most prominent business leaders
  • That “learning” via comic books feels like anything but – you’ll be surprised what you learn without even knowing it
  • The visual power of comics – how this method helps you to learn faster and retain information longer

Franco Arda is CEO and Founder of SmarterComics. Born in Switzerland, he earned his MBA in the UK, then worked in derivatives sales for Deutsche Bank, an investment bank, in London, Zurich, and Hong Kong. In spring 2008, he left banking industry to pursue a writing and publishing career.
Currently available SmarterComics titles include the adapted versions of Fortune Favors for the Bold by Franco Arda, The Art of War by deceased Chinese General Sun Tzu, The Long Tail by Wired Magazine editor-in-chief and New York Times bestselling author Chris Anderson, and Shut Up, Stop Whining, & Get a Life by New York Times bestselling author Larry Winget (Mr. Winget is currently available for interviews and commentary). All titles are available for purchase on online book retailers such as or and with selected book-retailers.
Think & Grow Rich from bestselling author Napoleon Hill will be available in digital form July 2011, and in print October 2011. Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail has recently been released as an iPad app.