Peeq Media and Toppan Join Forces to Create Toppax

International companies are facing costly challenges today as they invest millions of dollars trying to launch or extend their brands globally. This is especially true for brands trying to gain a foothold in Asia and, specifically, China. They can encounter potentially expensive problems such as: how to design brand materials on one continent and print them on another; how to ensure the brand's look remains consistent across countries; how to track international projects from the design phase to point of sale. The answer is a global marketing supply chain that provides greater transparency and online tracking that leads to cost reductions.

Toppax, a new joint venture of New York-based Peeq Media and Asia's Toppan Printing, provides companies with these cross-border solutions that can drive growth and improve efficiencies. Peeq is a creative production, technology and solutions company that seamlessly integrates media production, global distribution and logistics to reduce barriers, optimize branding strategies and improve bottom-line efficiencies. Toppan Printing is one of the world's largest printing and communications companies with more than 48,000 employees in 11 countries. Toppax combines Peeq's and Toppan's commercial printing businesses primarily currently serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

"By bringing together Peeq Media with Toppan Printing, these two communications leaders can now extend their reach,” said Jeff Sinaw, CEO of Peeq Media who now becomes CEO of Toppax. "This alliance will empower our clients to take advantage of innovative global branding solutions with a single point of accountability for high-quality print work, out-of-home advertising, materials sourcing and logistics services."

"This alliance is certainly very promising," echoed Shingo Ohkado, President and CEO of Toppan America. "Our clients will also be able to enjoy significant benefits from the alliance with Peeq Media and its cutting edge products and services. Simultaneously, Toppan Printing can reinforce its position in the US market."

Toppax will deliver both Peeq Media and Toppan Printing clients significant synergies including:

  • The ability to leverage the Toppan Printing's international network of local expertise and contacts—especially those in Asia—when a Toppax client extends its brand globally
  • Peeq Media's unique, client-facing technology solutions, including browser-based services and unique tracking and reporting tools
  • The deeper confidence in consistent branding and quality control across countries through a global marketing supply chain
  • Increased cost-savings on material and logistics that can also decrease a brand's global environmental impact
  • The benefits of Toppan Printing's annual $1.25 billion investment in research and development to create new, cutting-edge solutions.

Peeq Media now becomes a wholly owned and operating subsidiary of Toppax, which is jointly held by Peeq Media Holdings, LLC, and Toppan America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toppan Printing.

About Peeq Media
Peeq Media has more than 45 years of real-world experience in helping agencies and marketers develop brands. Founded under the name Color by Pergament in 1960 and merging with EMR Systems in 2006 and with Blue Ocean Worldwide in 2008, the company has grown to become the leading New York- and Las Vegas-based provider of highly specialized digital and production services. The company has a specialty expertise leveraging IT services, enabling marketers to reach their audiences in a compelling, targeted fashion. Peeq Media provides image management, photo retouching, large format photographic, large format specialty inkjet, multimedia engagement zones, billboards, transit ads, vehicle wraps, lithographic printing, and direct-to-press digital printing to many prominent agencies, retailers, and corporations. Peeq Media's client list includes Coach, Victoria's Secret, CBS Outdoor, HBO and many other Fortune 500 companies.

About Toppan Printing
Founded in 1900, Toppan Printing has a huge presence in Asia including tremendous growth in China. It has 29 local subsidiaries in 11 countries and employs 48,000 people. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011 Toppan posted revenues of US $19 Billion. In a world undergoing dramatic change, Toppan is leading stakeholders into a more enriched and fulfilling future. To this end, Toppan will continue to create new products and services centered on printing technology. Examples of our innovation include display advances in color filters for LCD TVs, next-generation products like solar cells and fuel cells that hold the promise of clean energy, and life-sciences products such as SNP chips for gene therapy. For more information visit: