interlinkONE Inc.

interlinkONE Launches New Features for iFlyMobi

interlinkONE, a provider of web-based marketing software solutions, today announced the release of new features to its iFlyMobi application, which allows companies to easily build mobile websites and QR Codes. The most recent product enhancements provide tools to give companies greater control over the design of their mobile websites and also set up forms for lead generation, surveys, and more.

Here are details of the two new features within the iFlyMobi application:

Set up Forms and Landing Pages: Users of iFlyMobi can now easily set up forms that will be used to collect data on the mobile websites that they create for themselves or for clients. The Forms feature enables users to ask for various types of data, including contact fields (Name, Address, Email, Mobile Phone #, and more), single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, and open-ended questions. Customers can use these forms to act as Contact Us pages, registration forms for events, feedback surveys, and more. These forms are optimized to load quickly and work properly on a number of smartphones, including the iPhone and Android devices.

Ability to Choose Custom Colors: To provide customers with greater control over the branding of the mobile websites that they create in iFlyMobi, new features have been added that allow users to specially choose which colors they would like to use for Backgrounds, Headers, and Buttons. Previously, users could choose from a variety of templates and pre-defined color schemes; this new feature will help clients that need to make mobile websites that must meet specific design guidelines.

“The number of people using smartphones to access websites continues to rise quickly. We think that this has created many opportunities for print, mail, fulfillment, and marketing service providers to help their clients better reach the mobile audience,” said Jason Pinto, CMO of interlinkONE. “These new features within iFlyMobi make it possible to help printers go beyond simply selling the ability to add a QR Code to a printed piece. Now, they can also offer the ability to help clients launch dynamic, branded mobile websites that will gather feedback, drive leads, and build a database.”