Glunz & Jensen Inc.

Glunz & Jensen Cuts CO2 Emissions From Platemaking

In May 2011, Glunz & Jensen officially launched the PlateWriter 3000 in the USA and Canada, their 3rd generation of 2-up and 4-up chemistry-free CtP systems for small to mid-size commercial printers. The PlateWriter 3000 delivers a remarkably robust image on metal plates, plates which rolls up quickly and cleanly on the press, then easily delivers 50,000 + impressions. Most importantly with film prices ever increasing in the US, the PlateWriterTM3000 eliminates film, and all the associated chemistries plus significantly drives CO2 emissions down by as much as 90%, which also reduces your energy bills for platemaking. 

However since it’s launch in May, the Granger [Indiana,USA] based office of Glunz & Jensen has received so many orders from the US as well as countries as far afield as: New Zealand, Malaysia, USA, Hungary, Turkey, Dubai, France, Germany, England and Spain, that Glunz & Jensen’s manufacturing division for the PlateWriter 3000 is struggling to keep up. 

With over 700 systems already installed worldwide Keld Thorsen, CEO at Glunz & Jensen says: “We are very happy with the success the PlateWriter 3000 has shown in such a short time. We were fully focused on delivering the most environmentally friendly plate making system available on the market. This has really been adopted by printers worldwide who wish to replace their inefficient chemistry-based plate making system with a new ultra energy efficient, chemistry-free plate maker from Glunz & Jensen.” 

Mark Baker-Home, Business Director at Glunz & Jensen continues…

“The PlateWriter™ 3000 boasts innovative technology and sets new standards for the cost, flexibility and speed of plate making for small to medium format commercial printers. Printers can save both energy and money, in addition the iCtP PlateWriter offers a 100% chemistry free way of making plates whilst at the same time driving down CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to traditional plate making technologies. The PlateWriter 3000 shows that environmentally friendly plate making makes good business sense...” 

In addition to the global demand for this new plate making technology, there are two major OEM names from the printing industry also in discussions with the Scandanavian Head office of Glunz & Jensen about taking the PlateWriter technology under their own brand as well. 

Background: Why is the PlateWriter 3000 exciting the market globally? 

Inkjet has previously been a fairly slow medium to produce printing plates, so up till now it has only really been suitable to smaller printers with low productivity. The PlateWriter3000, breaks from that convention making Heidelberg GTO52 plates in as little as 2-3 mins per plate, and just over 6 mins for Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 plates. All of this with exceptionally high resolution and the resulting image quality is suitable for almost all printing companies. 

Because Glunz & Jensen iCtP plates are not chemically processed, all conventional processing variables are eliminated hence corresponding processing concerns and errors are excluded. This results in plate production with high stability. The iCtP plates are finished using low energy halogen heat sources in the integrated finishing unit, then automatically gummed. They do not require processing baths, exposure units or rinsing water, yielding an extremely low energy consumption plate making solution with an improved ecological footprint. 

Sam Dyer, US Sales manager at Glunz & Jensen says:      

“Aggressively priced at $32,500* the PlateWriter 3000 system delivers high productivity and reliability at the level of conventional 4-up thermal systems but at a significantly lower cost. This makes Glunz & Jensen's PlateWriter 3000 system the most versatile affordable solution in the market.” 

The PlateWriter 3000 is ideal for commercial printers that use up to 100,000 ft2/year of plates;

-2,000 plates per month on smaller presses (2-up)

-or up to 1,250 plates per month on medium sized presses (4-up) 

The PlateWriter 3000 is a fully featured system that includes;

-A PlateWriter 3000 CtP engine - up to 20 pph (2-up) or 10pph (4-up)

-Full resolution Harlequin based RIP with a powerful hardware platform

-An integrated finishing unit to cure the plates without the need for chemicals or processing 

*The price is quoted without local taxes, delivery, installation and training