Braintree Printing

Brett Garnier Leads Information Technology for Braintree Printing, an Offset and Digital Printing Company

Braintree Printing, a digital and offset printing company serving printers and print brokers throughout the Northeast, recently hired Brett Garnier as the company’s director of technology.

A seasoned technical architect, Garnier brings 15 years of experience analyzing, developing and delivering information technology solutions for businesses. Prior to joining Braintree Printing, Garnier was director of software engineering at Inflexxion, Inc..

“Brett brings advanced technical expertise to Braintree Printing’s network of computers,” said owner Jim Corliss, noting that Garnier is able to simplify complex technology terms and communicate well with staff. “Brett sees the big picture and understands how each piece of technology fits together. He’s a great troubleshooter and heads off problems before they even arise,” said Corliss.

Garnier’s colorful background includes a career as a tattoo artist and a stint in the U.S. Air Force at Air Education and Training Command where he developed an interest in future technology. After an honorable discharge, Garnier used the GI bill and returned to school to study software engineering. He worked for several startup companies and later consulted for Breakaway Solutions and Burntsand, Inc..

At Braintree Printing, Garnier has completed a disaster recovery backup system, backing up digital assets locally and to an offsite location, ensuring the security of years of valuable printing data. Under his direction, Braintree Printing will begin using open source software tools. According to Garnier, products such as Open Office save money, add valuable features and promote internal flexibility.

He has also implemented a system that allows remote access to Braintree Printing systems at all times. The company’s owners can now work remotely from wherever they are, connecting to work from home PCs, laptops, even iPads and Smart Phones, keeping track of printing jobs 24/7. Co-owner Jose Tafur, a weekend sailor, can even access printing files while at sea.

Garnier, a resident of Stoughton, MA, says he likes Braintree Printing’s close-knit working environment. He welcomes the chance to wear many hats and says his next challenge will be rebuilding and rebranding the Braintree Printing website. “I want to make Braintree Printing’s website a full-service, e-commerce solution for quick printing,” he said.