Digital Formatting Services (DFS)

Digital Formatting Services to Provide VDP Services to ICED Group

Digital Formatting Services (DFS) is pleased to announce a newly-formed relationship to supply its industry-leading VDP services to the franchisees of the International Center for Entrepreneurial Development (ICED). The relationship provides members of the ICED family of franchises an easy way to use VDP without the need to invest in software or training.

"Complexity, cost and risk prevent many printers from doing anything with VDP," said Jay Groot, President of all print brands and Parcel Plus for ICED. "With DFS, our franchisees can use VDP in any variety of ways to optimize their businesses, just as if they had all of the software and expertise in-house."

Rather than printing hundreds or thousands of identical pieces, variable data printing utilizes the inherent capability of digital printing equipment to make each printed piece unique. Numerous studies show that "personalization" significantly increases the response rates by recipients compared to generic direct mail. However, creating print files for VDP often requires that printers invest tens of thousands of dollars in multiple software packages and training time.

"Our services were originally designed with printers, like ICED's group, in mind," said Lise Svenson, DFS President. "We aim to make VDP so easy that it becomes a tool of choice for business growth and productivity for printers of any size, not only those with millions of dollars per year in sales."

DFS provides a variety of services focused on creating VDP print files and including data and mailing-related services. A printer with no previous VDP experience, for example, can upload graphics and a mailing list to DFS who turns them into VDP print files. The printer then downloads the printer-ready VDP files from DFS for printing in-house.