WorkflowOne Introduces OneMark Solution for Industrial Manufacturing

WorkflowOne, a leading provider of print management, marketing and distribution services announced today a new digitally printed “kitted” labeling solution for industrial manufacturers called OneMark. WorkflowOne’s OneMark solution uses the latest technology to digitally print on demand all the labels needed for each product, on one or more sheets, that are specific for each build.

In the past, companies that produce labeled products maintained large and sometimes-unneeded quantities of labels produced through flexography, in rolls with one type of label printed per roll. The process was time consuming, prone to errors and if one label was out of inventory, the result was a delay in manufacturing until label inventory could be replenished.

With the OneMark solution, industrial manufacturers can benefit from being able to print on demand to be compliant with regulatory changes, ensure digital accuracy, address low and/or missing inventory and minimize shipping delays. Additionally, OneMark supports “lean manufacturing” principles to deliver greater operational efficiency, eliminate waste and reduce errors.

“WorkflowOne is pleased to offer the OneMark solution to help drive significant value and greater efficiency for our customers. In addition, our customers can continually benefit from an error resistant process to ensure trouble free marking of product as it moves through the manufacturing process,” said Tim Tatman, Chief Executive Officer at WorkflowOne. “This positions WorkflowOne as a market leader in the highly competitive $8 billion domestic label market.”

About WorkflowOne

WorkflowOne is one of the largest providers of print management, marketing and distribution services in North America. The company provides a wide range of products and services including business documents, electronic print and mail solutions, promotional marketing products, label solutions, sales and marketing collateral and distribution services. WorkflowOne has been ranked #1 among print distributors by Print Professional magazine over the past four years, the “Top Distributor of 2009” by Print Solutions magazine and recognized with the Supplier Performance Award by Premier Healthcare Alliance. For more information, visit or call toll-free 877-735-4966.