RR Donnelley & Sons Company

RR Donnelley Chooses MPT Series Banders for Brazil Plant

Controls Engineering, LLC, manufacturer of the MPT Series and ASFB Series stretch film banders, is proud to announce a major deal with RR Donnelley, a global provider of commercial print and integrated communications. This deal consists of the sale and installation of 4 MPT-17 stretch film banders and associated CE SmartBand film in the RR Donnelley Editora e Gráfica Ltda facility located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The new features of the MPT Series Banders provide the versatility in product capacity and ease of use required by RR Donnelley. The initial goal was to create a way to secure the stack of saddle-stitched books that would be able to keep pace with the saddle-stitcher. The CE SmartBand, applied using the MPT-17 bander, securely holds the bundle without causing damage to the books and can readily maintain desired production speeds.

The MPT Banders also allow the RR Donnelley operators to band the wide range of printed products and sizes without making a single machine adjustment.

New features include:

Load and Leave Banding: Simply load the product and the MPT does the rest. This feature frees up the operator to retrieve the next stack of books during the banding cycle; effectively eliminating the cycle time. This feature can be turned on and off.

Photo-Eye Cycle Start: This programmable photo-eye can be set based on the product dimension; short delay for product with smaller head to foot dimensions, longer delay for longer products.

10-Second Roll Change: All CE SmartBand rolls can be changed in 10 seconds, this is by far the fastest changeover of any bander.

CE SmartBand: This 100% recyclable, new, soft banding material is strong enough to secure heavy bundles as well as the most delicate without damaging the product.

“Companies are really starting to appreciate the benefits of our fresh approach to banding. Being “Green” is important, but not at the cost of bundle integrity – we have the first real solution that meets the “Green” requirements that companies want and the bundle integrity they demand”, said Dan Odegard, Sales and Marketing Manager for Controls Engineering.  

“The MPT Bander’s innovation came as a response to changing customer demand as well as our own internal desire to provide the most effective and reliable banding equipment. We are proud of this line of equipment and our customers agree,” said Jason Kenney, President of Controls Engineering.