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PagePath Technologies Webinar: Becoming the Most Profitable Printer in Your Market

There is a science to success in, not only being a profitable printer, but being the most profitable printer in one's market place.

Our company mission/vision is to help printers learn how to become the most profitable printers in their market area, and we have partnered with some amazing companies to do that. One of these companies is Synergy Solutions, Inc. and the President of that company, Mark Boersma.

Mark is an international speaker/author, and has developed some very profitable models which will help you to learn the science of success to being the most profitable printer in your market place.

The first of a series of Webinars will be held Friday, August 5th at 11 am (PDT), 12 pm (MDT), 1 pm (CDT), and 2 pm (EDT). Please register by clicking here or at: If you are not able to attend but would like the recording of this session, please register and we will send you a link after the recording is posted.

This session will look at the big picture of the 5 major areas of business:

Area 1: Marketing – How to get more and better leads
Area 2: Pre-Sales – How to convert prospects into clients
Area 3: The Sale – How to overcome objections and how to close more sales, faster
Area 4: Servicing – How to obtain more referrals from current clients
Area 5: Client For Life – How to bring past clients back

There will be a survey for those who attend to determine which areas bring the most benefit to you so that we can drill into additional details in the future.