Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Launches NexPress SX Digital Production Suite

The new Kodak Nexpress SX Digital Production Color Platform with Print Genius is now available and shipping worldwide. The platform has been designed to meet the needs of commercial printers, direct mail houses, in-plant printers, and data centers. New features include speeds up to 131 ppm, a longer sheet size (26″/660 mm), smaller ink particle size with the new Kodak Nexpress HD Dry Ink, new Fifth Imaging Unit Solution Light Black, and a new matte printing effect option. 

At 26″/660 mm, the long sheet option delivers 27 percent more printable area. 

“The Nexpress SX Platform continues to build on the philosophy of doing more with one press; the technology innovations on the platform are backwards upgradeable to presses from 2006. Our commitment is to protect our customers’ initial investments and to ensure they are able to integrate future innovations with their existing equipment,” said Stephen Fletcher, General Manager, Digital Printers & Presses, Kodak. 

Additionally, Kodak Light Black HD Dry Ink Solution, which is now available for the Fifth Imaging Unit, uses proprietary algorithms to substitute the light black for specific colors, resulting in smoother skin tones while maintaining superb detail. The matte effect is completed inline, and produces a matte look for printed pages or photos. Printers can switch to and from the matte finish option in less than 15 minutes giving them the ultimate flexibility in finishes. 

“We frequently serve the entertainment industry, and marketing materials with a matte finish look better in bright light environments. The Nexpress SX Platform helps us build better relationships with our customers by responding to their needs and creating output that is tailored to perform in the environments it is displayed,” said Andy Rosillo, Owner/Partner, Indie Print. 

Featuring a monthly duty cycle of up to 4 million pages and print speeds of 91, 109 or 131 ppm when printing on 26″/660 mm long sheets, the Nexpress SX Platform prints on more than 600 standard offset substrates, including coated, uncoated, FSC, plastics, magnets, linens, static clings, micro-perforated substrates, and more.