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Memjet Honored with Prestigious InterTech Technology Award

Memjet, the global leader in color printing technologies that provide remarkable speeds and affordability, has received the 2011 InterTech Technology Award from the Printing Industries of America, recognized as a symbol of technological innovation and excellence. This is the first InterTech Technology Award for Memjet and its blazing fast printing technologies.

“According to our panel of judges, Memjet’s disruptive technologies will prove to be a significant game changer within the printing industry,” said Dr. Mark Bohan, vice president, technology and research at Printing Industries of America. “Memjet’s printing technologies have the potential to shift the economics of the inkjet industry and ultimately reduce costs for consumers.”

Through its partners, Memjet is bringing its technologies to office, industrial, commercial and consumer markets to help change the way people print. Memjet-powered office printers, for example, print in beautiful color at incredibly fast speeds of 60 pages per minute (the fastest desktop printer speed in the world), while consuming considerably less energy than competing products. Around the world, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) use Memjet technologies to power printers and printing solutions far beyond what traditional markets have come to know and expect. Memjet provides technologies and components to OEMs and partners in the office, labels, wide format and photo retail markets. The company’s technologies are protected by more than 3,000 global patents, with another 2,000 pending.

“This has been a pivotal year for Memjet as we commercialize globally with leading OEM partners including LG, Lenovo, Lomond, Kpowerscience Co. Ltd., OWN-X and Astro Machine Corporation, among others,” said Len Lauer, president and CEO of Memjet. “We’re extremely honored to be recognized by Printing Industries of America for our innovation and contributions as we continue to bring change to the industry through the creation of an entirely new category of printing - that of very fast affordable color.”

See Memjet technologies in action:

Market Impact
Memjet advancements are dramatically changing and opening up new opportunities for large and small print companies that want to adopt scalable, cost-efficient and more flexible business models. For the first time, it’s easier and possible for more players to enter new markets of the commercial-print industry value chain, such as book publishing, newspapers, direct mail, transaction, photo books, packaging, and more. Memjet printheads are configured for a host of print applications at a never-before-seen combination of speed, low-capital costs, and high-quality color. Memjet inks are specially formulated, so the printhead can release up to 700 million drops per second. Its controller chip provides a powerful development platform for OEMs. All Memjet controller chips include Memjet’s high-speed print pipeline that runs on dedicated hardware and is optimized to achieve Memjet’s industry-leading speeds.

Memjet customer Jack Ellis, president of Post Haste Mailing, has run a mail addressing business for nearly 30 years in Annapolis, Maryland and adds: “Memjet has been the best product in the mailing industry since inkjet's inception over 15 years ago.”